'Other cities have a mayor' says Taiwan premier of Kaohsiung's flooding woes

Taiwan Premier Su says 'other cities have a mayor' after Han fans complain about Kaohsiung being singled out

Chen (left) and Han (right) during downpour. (Facebook photos)

Chen (left) and Han (right) during downpour. (Facebook photos)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- After "Han fans" complained that the city led by itinerant Kaohsiung Mayor Han Kuo-yu (韓國瑜) was being unfairly singled out by Premier Su Tseng-chang (蘇貞昌) for its recent flooding woes, Su retorted that "other cities have mayors."

After neighborhoods in Kaohsiung suffered serious flooding as a result of torrential rains, which had stalled transportation in parts of the city. Many Kaohsiung residents on Friday night (July 19) and Saturday morning (July 20) morning blasted Han for what they see as an inadequate response to the problem.

On Tuesday (July 23), Su wrote on Facebook that flooding had been reported in 273 areas in Kaohsiung, 15 in Pingtung, and one in Tainan. Su said on Friday, he asked Vice Premier Chen Chi-Mai (陳其邁) to head to the scene and assess the situation to enable various ministries to tackle the problem.

Su wrote that all cities and counties in Taiwan have both Green and Blue affiliations. He noted that, as long as they are in need of aid, money and assistance should be provided by the government, and he expressed his belief that this is the expectation of all citizens.

He then wrote that if a leader wants to be found, they should also seriously investigate illegalities and strive to protect the country's freedom and democracy. The most important thing for the people to have a sense of governance is: "Do not hide, finish the task."

Many netizens took Su's comments as criticism of the fact that it took 20 hours before Han came out to investigate the situation with the flooding in Kaohsiung. This perceived critique of Han spurred Han fans to quickly go on the offensive on social media to defend their idol.

One Han Fan wrote, "Are you sure that only Kaohsiung rains and floods? There's nowhere else... you're really ridiculous. How many places are still flooded, you keep only paying attention to Kaohsiung." Su responded to the comment by writing, "No, other cities have mayors!"

Su's acerbic response was immediately praised by many pro-DPP netizens:

"Is there swelling on his face?"

"Good job Premier"

"Laughing to death."

"Premier, only we Kaohsiung don't have a mayor, really pathetic."

"Han fans never disappoint."

"Godlike comeback."

"Picked up a nuclear bomb, laughing to death."