Japanese biotech company moves to Taiwan

REGiMMUNE to be listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange, sees Taiwan as ideal base

T cells: the focus of REGiMMUNE's research

T cells: the focus of REGiMMUNE's research (Wikimedia Commons photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- CTBC Securities (中國信託綜合證券) is set to assist Japan’s REGiMMUNE in officially moving operations to Taiwan and getting listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange.

On Monday (July 22) CTBC Securities and REGiMMUNE signed a contract ensuring CTBC’s assistance in listing the Japanese biotech company on the Taiwan Stock Exchange. REGiMMUNE CEO Kenzo Kosuda confirmed that the company is planning to restructure at the end of the year, with operations moving to Taiwan, reports the Liberty Times.

Kosuda cited Taiwan’s abundance of professional talent, sound capital market, and developed biotech industry as their reasons for the move. The company also believes that, in comparison with Japan, Taiwan is a more innovative market with strong copyright protection laws.

REGiMMUNE specialize in immunotherapies for cancer and rare diseases. Their research focuses on regulatory T cells – cells that can control immune responses and be used for the treatment of cancer and auto-immune diseases.

This is the second Japanese company CTBC has collaborated with in this manner this year, as a similar deal was made with Sanga Holdings in March. CTBC hopes REGiMMUNE’s listing will be confirmed in 2021.