Video shows drunk female driver trying to run over pedestrians in W. Taiwan

Video shows female driver in drunken rage trying to plow over pedestrians in Taichung, Taiwan

(Photos from Breaking News Commune)

(Photos from Breaking News Commune)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Video has surfaced showing a woman colliding with cars and trying to run over pedestrians in a drunken fit over a traffic dispute with another woman in western Taiwan.

In a drunken rage after having a dispute with a woman surnamed Chang (張) on Sunday, a 32-year-old woman surnamed Huang (黃) almost injured several pedestrians as she madly whipped her car in two circles in Taichung City's Daya District. The whole incident was captured on video, and when police arrived on the scene people asked them, "Why don't you shoot?" reported UDN.

According to a video posted by Chang on the Facebook group Breaking News Commune (爆料公社) on Sunday, a red car driven by Huang made a 360-degree loop on Qingdao Road in Daya District at 5 p.m. that day, nearly crushing pedestriants in the process. People on the scene asked "why don't you shoot?"

However, police only verbally ordered Huang to get out of the vehicle. When nearby residents saw police failing to take action, they threw bricks at the windshield of Huang's car, hoping to finally get her to stop.

Finally, after one of the tires had been blown out as the result of a collision with another car, her mad rampage came to a halt. Chang wrote on Facebook that this was not Huang's first drunk driving offense.

On April 6, while driving under the influence of alcohol, Huang allegedly crashed her vehicle into a car with Chang's friends and relatives inside. The car was beginning to turn left from a parking lot when Huang smashed her car into it head-on.

At the time of the accident on April 6, Huang's blood alcohol level was found to be 1.28 mg/l, well above the legal threshold. After mediation failed between the two parties, Chang says Huang berated her on the phone.

On Sunday afternoon, as Chang's friends and relatives were taking part in a temple festival, Huang roared onto the scene with her red sedan. Huang immediately tried to run over pedestrians and plowed into a total of five vehicles.

Chen hu-jen (陳護任), director of the Daya Precinct of the Fengyuan District Police Bureau in Taichung City, said that Huang's blood alcohol level was well beyond the legal threshold on Sunday, reported UDN. Police have tranferred Chen to the Taichung District Prosecutor's Office on charges of Offenses Against Public Safety (公共危險罪).

In response to cries by people from the crowd for police to fire their weapons at Huang during her rampage, Chen said that based on the assessment of officers on the scene, there was no need to use deadly force, according to the report.