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Taiwan government to intervene in solar industry unemployment

Nearly, 6,000 solar energy workers reportedly dismissed over last two years

The solar power system (Source: Pixabay)

The solar power system (Source: Pixabay)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) said on Sunday (July 21) that it would set up a platform to help employees recently laid off by solar energy-related companies to find jobs.

The solar power industry has reportedly let go nearly 6,000 workers over the last two years due to a decline in business. Approximately 4,400 people lost their jobs in 2018, and the figure for this year has reached 1,500 so far, reported the Central News Agency.

MOEA said businesses in Taiwan’s solar energy industry have faced financial loss owing to low-cost Chinese competitors that receive reimbursement from their government. As a result, some companies have had to shut down factories.

The ministry said it would establish a platform to connect laid-off workers with companies that are recruiting. For example, MOEA has been in touch with Chunghwa Picture Tubes Ltd. in hopes of assisting workers previously employed there to find positions at other companies.

The platform comes at a time when a wave of Taiwanese enterprises are returning home from China. They are deciding to invest in or expand business in Taiwan in order to ward off trade tensions between the United States and China, according to MOEA.

MOEA said it would also help companies transform to become part of the green energy industry, which is greatly promoted by the government. The ministry considers that growing demand in the domestic market should benefit those that successfully tap this trend toward green energy.