Tourism Bureau of Taiwan signs MOU with Japan’s JR Shikoku

Tourism Bureau announces promotion campaign competition for Shikoku university students

(Source: Taiwan Visitors Association)

(Source: Taiwan Visitors Association)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The director of the Tourism Bureau of Taiwan, Chou Yung-huei (周永暉) on Thursday (July 18) flew to Japan on the first-ever direct flight from Taoyuan to Matsuyama, Japan, to sign a memorandum of understanding with the director of JR Shikoku, Shinji Han’i (半井真司), on deepening cooperation and expanding bilateral tourism.

Huang said that railroads, bicycles, and hot springs are tourism resources Taiwan and Ehime have in common and that he expects future collaborations to utilize these them in the future. Nakamura said he is excited to promote the charm of Ehime now that the direct flight route between Taoyuan and Matsuyama is finally in place.

Chou also announced a third “youth travel” tourism promotion campaign (青春・若旅2019) during the press conference. All university students studying at an institution in Shikoku are eligible to apply in groups of four on this page.

The organizers of the campaign will choose five groups of students, who will be invited to Taiwan August 25 to 29 with travel expenses covered by the tourism bureau. In return, the groups will come up with ideas to promote tourism for the 32 pairs of train stations in Japan and Taiwan with the same name.

Japanese travelers can also try to complete the "stamp passport of 32 Taiwanese and Japanese stations that share a name" (台日32同名車站集章護照) to receive a special gift from the bureau.

Promotion video of "Youth Travel 2019" (Source: Taiwan Visitors Association)

Map of 32 stations that share a name in Taiwan and Japan (Source: Taiwan Visitors Association)