Bathroom literature exhibition in Taipei aims to promote gender equality

36 compositions displayed in restrooms of National Museum of Taiwan Literature

The art installation, Flowers in the Toilet, is a ...

The art installation, Flowers in the Toilet, is a ...

TAINAN (Taiwan News) — The National Museum of Taiwan Literature has launched a new exhibition called Reading in the Bathroom, which aims to raise awareness about gender equality.

The latest exhibition, Reading in the Bathroom (廁所文學展), showcases 36 compositions that, as the name suggests, are displayed on restroom walls. These include a range of selections of modern poetry, classic Taiwanese poetry, and prose.

Museum director Su Shuo-Bing (蘇碩斌) explained in a press release that the exhibition is meant to convey the message that literature is everywhere. In the privacy of the exhibition's bathrooms, visitors can read articles that discuss women menstruation, and by doing so, Su says the organizers hope people will gain a deeper understanding of each other and discuss gender issues.

In the first-floor lobby, visitors can view an art installation, "Flowers in the Toilet." It symbolizes literature's irrigation of the human mind, which, like plants, need to be watered to grow stronger, said the museum.

The exhibition will run until July 15, 2020, and selections on display may be changed throughout the year. For more information, please visit the official website or Facebook page.

Literary selections on display in bathroom (National Museum of Taiwan Literature photo)