Two junior high schools in Taiwan learn through experience

Exchanges between the two urban and rural schools cultivate problem-solving skills and teach respect

(K-12 Education Administration, Ministry of Education photo)

(K-12 Education Administration, Ministry of Education photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Under the Ministry of Education’s (MOE) 2018 “Urban-Rural Collaborative Learning” program, Taipei’s Chih Shan Junior High School (至善國中) and Taitung County’s Rui-yuan Junior High School (瑞源國中) have become partners.

Exchanges between the two schools have allowed them to share software and hardware teaching resources and enabled students to experience local culture.

Rui-yuan Junior High School planned a curriculum that included outdoor education, food and agriculture education, and team sports. The outdoor education curriculum includes activities such as a visit to Guanshan bike path, appreciating farming village landscapes, a guided Guanshan Waterway ecological tour, and a guided bike tour in the Dayuan area.

The food and agricultural education curriculum includes rice plantation, production, and marketing, while the sport team curriculum includes traditional Amis tribe archery courses. All these activities offer rare opportunities for Chih Shan students to experience East Taiwan.

In return, Chih Shan offers students from Rui-yuan the opportunity to experience the school’s unique “experiential education,” which includes paintball, river trekking along Waishuang Creek (外雙溪) in Taipei, urban orienteering on the MRT, and treasure hunting at the internationally famous National Palace Museum.

With these exchanges between urban and rural schools, teachers video conference and share their work, while students learn through experience and cultivate problem-solving skills.

(K-12 Education Administration, Ministry of Education video)

(K-12 Education Administration, Ministry of Education photos)