Solo exhibition of award-winning architect duo to open in Taipei

LA-based architects will exhibit oeuvre including architecture and installations

The exhibition, DIALOGUES: Oyler Wu Collaborative, opens on July 20 (Source: Jut Art Museum)

The exhibition, DIALOGUES: Oyler Wu Collaborative, opens on July 20 (Source: Jut Art Museum)

[Last update: July 20 at 18:00]

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — The solo exhibition of award-winning LA-based architect duo Dwayne Oyler and Jenny Wu (吳嘉華) will kick off in Taipei on Saturday (July 20), bringing together a wide range of their work, which covers architecture, art, and jewelry design.

The exhibition, titled “DIALOGUES,” began a dialogue between Olyer, an American from the mid-western state of Kansas, and Wu, a Taiwanese who grew up in the U.S. They are partners in not only in their profession but also their personal lives.

“We come from very different backgrounds,” said Wu at the press conference on Thursday (July 18). Sharing common ground while still maintaining individuality is hence very important, she added.

Both Oyler and Wu are alumni of Harvard University Graduate School of Design. They founded the architect firm Olyer Wu Collaborative in Los Angeles in 2004, and the duo has received honors, including the 2013 Emerging Talent Award from AIA California Council and Taiwan’s ADA Awards for Emerging Architects, among others.

▶︎ (L-R) JFAA Chief Executive Director Aaron Lee, Dwayne Oyler, and Jenny Wu (Source: Jut Art Museum)

The exhibition, which will last from July 20 through Nov. 3 at the Jut Art Musuem, showcases 17 of the duo’s architectural and urban planning projects along with other works, demonstrating their decade-long practices in three main categories: lines, space, and volume.

Their practices are characterized by linear design and experimental approaches. They boldly incorporate avant-garde designs and cutting-edge technology into their projects while, in the meantime, striving to realize their many installations.

The duo is not confined to the realm of architecture, however. They continue to develop their personal interests, which have also found success.

Speaking about her jewelry brand LACE, which she established five years ago, Wu said that when she started using 3D-printing technology to produce accessories, she did not expect them to be considered “revolutionary” and thus popular in the U.S. market.

Nevertheless, the exquisitely designed and molded accessories have drawn much attention. One of her necklaces, Catena, was acquired by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

“Our practices are deeply entangled with our personal lives. We live and work in a space where our children and staff are there. It’s very much a big family,” said Oyler.

A father of two, Oyler is fond of manufacturing toys for his two sons, and wooden bikes he made for his children are also on display at the exhibition. “We’ve shown our work in many places, but we never really had the opportunity to bring together so many different personal aspects with it,” added Oyler.

Apart from toys, Oyler has also put dozens of his paintings and sketchbooks up for display. His visual artworks are long-lasting explorations of lines and space, which are also prevalent in the duo’s architectural conception and design.

“During our past collaborations, I was most impressed by Olyer and Wu’s dedication to material research and hands-on work,” said Aaron Lee (李彥良), chief executive director of the Jut Foundation for Arts and Architecture (JFAA). “The team has continued to emphasize [the importance of] using their own hands to realize their design.”

Lee lauded the two for the installations they have contributed to Taipei in the last few years. He believes they not only add to the city’s landscape but also inspire young people in Taiwan.

▶︎ The exhibition, DIALOGUES: Oyler Wu Collaborative, opens on July 20 (Source: Jut Art Museum)