Taiwan Beer to launch 100th anniversary party

Celebration will take place at Jianguo Brewery

Taiwan Beer celebrates the 100th anniversary. (Taiwan Beer photo)

Taiwan Beer celebrates the 100th anniversary. (Taiwan Beer photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taiwan Beer will launch a series of public events in celebration of its 100th anniversary on July 27 and 28, which comes as welcome news for those keen on having a cold beer during the sweltering summer.

Jianguo Brewery, where Taiwan beer was first produced, was built in 1919 and was operated under the name Takasago Brewery during the Japanese occupation. Over the last century, it changed its name several times before being renamed Taipei Brewery, as it is known today.

Taipei Brewery is located in Zhongshan District. Visitors to the facility can order food and beverages at the brewery restaurant, according to the Travel Taipei website.

The “Taiwan Beer 100 party” will commemorate the company's 100th anniversary and showcase the first edition of Taiwan Beer, which was produced by Takasago Beer Company. It will also feature time-honored brews such as Gold Medal, 18 Days, and fruit beers, according to UDN.

Additionally, there will be a market with food, drinks, and musical performances. For more information, please visit the Facebook Page.

Taiwan Beer 100th anniversary event (Taiwan Beer photo)