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US Congress introduces bill to undermine China's dominance over 5G

Legislation introduced by Texas Representatives Michael McCaul and Henry Cueller

US Congress introduces bill to undermine China's dominance over 5G

(AP photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Republican U.S. Representative Michael McCaul of Texas introduced legislation in the U.S. Congress on Monday (July 15) calling for increased engagement and representation of the U.S. government in the global telecoms industry, with an aim of combating China’s rising influence over global 5G technologies and networks.

The bill is co-sponsored by Democrat Congressman Henry Cueller, also of Texas, and if passed, will direct the U.S. State Department to pursue greater involvement by the U.S. in international organizations tasked with overseeing and regulating telecommunications networks.

The representative was quoted by Reuters on the new legislation. McCaul stated that "China's majority control of the world's 5G networks, interconnected devices and cloud storage is a risk we cannot accept. We have to show up and compete with them."

The new move to increase U.S. involvement with emerging 5G networks accompanies increasing global concern surrounding 5G leaders like China’s Huawei, and the potential for the Chinese Communist Party to use the new technologies for nefarious purposes. The new bill from Rep. McCaul represents another effort to stymie China’s dominance in the field.

Rep. McCaul recently made remarks in support of Taiwan in an interview with Fox News on Sunday (July 14), defending the recent sale of U.S. weapons to Taiwan. “Don’t mess with Taiwan,” were the representative’s words for China.

Updated : 2022-05-22 05:27 GMT+08:00