Anti-extradition mooncakes create sensation in Hong Kong

The mooncakes have Chinese characters that support the anti-extradition bill campaign

Mooncakes from Wah Yee Tang (Facebook photo)

Mooncakes from Wah Yee Tang (Facebook photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Traditional Chinese pastry mooncakes are being made and sold in support of Hong Kong’s anti-extradition bill movement, which has involved violent clashes between police and protestors.

Wah Yee Tang (華爾登餅店), a cake shop that opened 30 years ago in the former British colony, recently rolled out a new series of mooncakes with the anti-extradition bill theme, reported Liberty Times. It is customary in Chinese culture to eat the pastry during the Mid-Autumn Festival, which falls on Sept. 13 this year.

According to the report, the pastry shop in Sai Wan launched its anti-extradition mooncake series last week to demonstrate its support for the protesters. The traditionally-flavored mooncakes have Chinese character slogans that protestors against the bill have been using.

Examples include “bu che bu san” (不撤不散, no end to the protests, unless bill is withdrawn), “xiang gang ren” (香港人, Hongkongers), “yiqi cheng” (一齊撐, stand strong in solidarity). There is even a mooncake with a cat giving the finger to the unpopular bill.

More than a thousand of the mooncakes sold out quickly and new orders are flooding in. Not surprisingly, there have also been calls by pro-Beijing individuals to boycott the cake shop, slamming the marketing strategy as “misleading the city’s youth,” wrote Liberty Times.

Mooncakes from Wah Yee Tang (Facebook photo)