China detains three Taiwanese financial analysts in fraud investigation

Shanghai authorities released nine other Taiwanese on bail

The Shanghai offices of "Thousand & Billion" Satur...

The Shanghai offices of "Thousand & Billion" Satur... (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – China has detained three financial analysts from Taiwan and released nine others in a suspected fraud case, the Liberty Times reported Saturday (July 13).

On July 9, local police raided an investment firm in Shanghai known to employ many financial experts from Taiwan, the report said. A total of 12 Taiwanese citizens were initially detained, but nine of them were later released on bail awaiting trial. However, they would not be allowed to leave China and return home.

The Straits Exchange Foundation said it was closely monitoring developments and would provide the necessary legal assistance to the Taiwanese nationals. A name list of the group had not been made available yet, reports said.

The investigation reportedly focused on the manager of a company known as “Thousand & Billion” (上海仟和億公司) which was suspected of having sold unauthorized software, according to the Liberty Times. The Taiwanese were being held as witnesses “to assist with the investigation,” the report said.

A customer of the company had lost money using the software, therefore taking the company to court and triggering the raid by the authorities.