Taiwan Air Force invites foreigners to attend public event at Hualien Air Base

Interested foreigners must register before July 25 to gain entry to event on Aug. 10

(Photo from Taiwan Air Force)

(Photo from Taiwan Air Force)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The Taiwan Air Force is currently preparing for an air show and base tour scheduled for the Hualien Air Force Base, which will be open to the public Aug. 10.

After foreign residents of Taiwan recently expressed interest in joining public events hosted by the Ministry of National Defense, the Air Force made a post on their Facebook page on Wednesday (July 10) inviting foreigners to join the event.

However, for all foreign residents who wish to visit the airbase for the event, which will take place between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., early registration is required. Foreigners must apply for entry to the event before July 25, according to the Air Force.

Foreigners must submit a photocopy of their passport and notify the Air Force that they would like to attend by sending a letter addressed to Major Hsu Shejie (徐世杰少校) at the following mailing box: Hualien P.O. Box, No. 90319(花蓮郵政90319號信箱).

Interested persons can also inquire by sending an email to franksam.tw@yahoo.com.tw, as well as by calling the following phone number: 03-8226364.

The Facebook post also emphasizes that foreigners who wish to enter the base on the day of the event must bring their passport and other identification documents with them. Foreigners who have not applied in advance will not be permitted to enter.

Additionally, foreigners from China who are married to Taiwanese nationals and have not yet received a Taiwanese ID must bring their residency permit, and they should also attend the event with their Taiwanese spouse, who must also carry a valid ID. Those who fail to provide such documents will not be allowed to enter.