Former Taiwan judge pushes for creation of Asian human rights court

Taiwan invites legal professionals from ten Asian countries to court simulation


Preparation for the court simulation in Taiwan (by the Asian Human Rights Court Simulation Facebook page)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Former Constitutional Court Justice Hsu Yu-hsiu (許玉秀) has invited legal scholars and professionals to Taiwan to take part in the Asian Human Rights Court Simulation (AHRCS, 模擬亞洲人權法院) in order to promote the creation of a legitimate human rights court for the region.

Concerned about Chinese aggression towards Taiwan and the potential threat it poses to basic human rights, Hsu decided to convene the AHRCS from July 26 to 28 at National Taiwan University. Legal scholars and professionals from ten Asian countries have been invited to take part in the event, reports the Liberty Times.

Hsu believes that an Asian human rights court would be capable of resolving disputes, drastically reducing the threat of war -- an ever more pressing necessity considering China’s intimidation of Taiwan and the potential human rights issues an escalation in tensions could incur. According to the LTN report, Hsu hopes to follow in the footsteps of Europe, Africa, and the Americas, all of which have regional human rights courts.

In the past, South Korea has been a major player in promoting Asian human rights, from publishing the 1998 Asian Human Rights Charter to holding multiple AHRCS summits over the last few years. Hsu praised the Constitutional Court of Korea as a progressive example to Asia but mentioned that Taiwan’s Constitutional Court has also performed exceptionally well of late, drawing international attention for legalizing same-sex marriage earlier this year.

The former judge emphasized that Taiwan is a liberal and tolerant society with a government receptive to public opinion and a reliable electoral system. These factors, along with the country’s positive human rights record, make it a suitable host for a human rights court.

Hsu suggested the Taiwanese government invest in the AHRCS in preparation for realizing a legitimate Asian human rights court in the future. With the impetus provided by the AHRCS, Taiwan could be at the forefront of protecting human rights on the continent.