Crusader for Spain's abducted babies finds biological family

MADRID (AP) — A woman who became a crusader for babies abducted during Spain's 20th-century dictatorship says she has found her biological family and learned that her mother gave her up voluntarily.

Inés Madrigal said Thursday that thanks to an American DNA bank she has found four half siblings five decades after her birth.

Last year a court ruled that gynecologist Eduardo Vela abducted Madrigal in 1969, only to clear him because the statute of limitations had expired.

Madrigal now says that her newfound relatives have told her that her mother gave her up willingly.

Madrigal's case was Spain's first to go to trial in the widespread child trafficking that occurred from the onset of the country's Civil War in 1936 to the death of dictator Gen. Francisco Franco in 1975.