UK Labour Party in turmoil over new anti-Semitism claims

Britain's main opposition Labour Party leader Jere...

Britain's main opposition Labour Party leader Jere...

LONDON (AP) — Britain's main opposition Labour Party is in turmoil after a television documentary renewed allegations that anti-Semitism is rife within its ranks.

In the BBC program, former staff members of the left-of-center party recounted receiving anti-Semitic abuse and said senior party officials interfered in complaint investigations.

Labour has been riven by allegations that the party has become hostile to Jews since left-winger Jeremy Corbyn, a longtime supporter of the Palestinians, became leader in 2015.

The party condemned the BBC documentary, saying it contained "deliberate and malicious representations" and alleging the former staffers who took part had "personal and political axes to grind."

But many Labour lawmakers expressed dismay at the allegations. Deputy leader Tom Watson said Thursday that anti-Semitism was "a sickness in our party" that had to be dealt with.