Taiwanese celeb Rainie Yang engaged to Chinese crooner Li Ronghao

Mandopop fans go gaga after China's Li Ronghao proposes to Taiwan's Rainie Yang

Photos from Li Ronghao's Facebook page.

Photos from Li Ronghao's Facebook page.

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Taiwanese entertainer Rainie Yang (楊丞琳) officially became engaged to Chinese crooner Li Ronghao (李榮浩) after she accepted his proposal on his birthday today (July 11).

While celebrating his 34th birthday, Li, a popular Chinese male singer who won the Golden Melody Award for Best Male Singer with his album "Model" (模特) took his 35-year-old girlfriend Yang to the beach at an undisclosed location overseas to celebrate. During the excursion, Li presented a diamond ring and proposed to Yang, who eagerly accepted.

Yang started out by taking to Instagram to post a cryptic message showing a silhouette of the couple fishing. In the caption, she wrote, "Today is this man's 34th birthday. Happy Birthday!"

Li (left), Yang (right). (Photo from Instagram account @rainie77)

As for Li, he posted a photo of the engagement ring he had given to Yang on her hand and a picture of the couple cheek to cheek on Facebook. In the post, Li wrote, "Today is my 34th birthday and is also our [future] engagement anniversary. Thank you for saying yes."

Despite being completely blocked in China, Li's Facebook post announcing the betrothal had a whopping 154,000 likes within six hours flat. Meanwhile, Yang's post with a photo of the couple fishing had a staggering 336,000 likes on her Instagram, also fully blocked in China.

The couple has been officially dating since 2015 and have kept their relationship rather low-key for much of the past four years. However, in 2017, Li famously kissed Yang on stage during a concert in the Taipei Arena, causing the crowd to go wild.