Taiwan's Foxconn tycoon cries after thanking sea goddess for his presidential bid

Taiwan's Foxconn tycoon cries after thanking sea goddess Matsu, god of war Guan Gong for presidential run

(Screenshot from Mirror Media YouTube video)

(Screenshot from Mirror Media YouTube video)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Foxconn tycoon and Kuomintang (KMT) presidential candidate Terry Gou (Kuo Tai-ming, 郭台銘) on Wednesday broke down into tears after thanking the sea goddess Matsu (媽祖) and the god of war Guan Gong (關公, General Kwan) for letting him make a run for the KMT candidacy for president.

In an interview with Mirror Media posted on Wednesday (July 10), Gou began to cry as he thanked Matsu and Guan Gong for enabling him to make a bid for the Taiwan presidency. Gou then seemed to indicate his preference to be a one-term president, before retiring to spend more time with his family.

When asked under what conditions he would serve as president for only four years, Gou said a prerequisite would be the rapid approval of legislation. Gou said he did not want to see the blue and green parties continue to idly waste time fighting in the Legislative Yuan.

Gou said that in four years he will be 74, and by that time, he would rather be at home with his family and would feel completely satisfied. "I thank Matsu and Guan Gong for letting me do this. I'm very grateful," said Gou as he began to well up and grabbed a handkerchief to wipe his nose.

Gou crying during interview. (Screenshot from Mirror Media YouTube video)

He then looked into the camera and apologized by saying, "I'm sorry. The weekly [Mirror Media] keeps digging and digging into my heart, digging to the deepest depths of my heart." A teary-eyed Gou then said that he wanted to choose a slogan which read, "Choose Tai-ming [Gou], and Taiwan will be happy."

He also exhorted itinerant Kaohsiung mayor and full-time presidential candidate Han Kuo-yu (韓國瑜) to "maintain his historical position" and create a "triple win situation." Gou said that he would definitely fully cooperate in building up Kaohsiung.

Gou said that Han can certainly make his Han fans think that "he did a good job." The Foxconn tycoon claimed that if elected president, he could fulfill his promise to build up Taiwan's economy and improve people's lives within four years.

In the event he succeeded in building up Taiwan's economy, he claimed that everyone would think "not bad, you can retire." "I wouldn't hesitate. I will not stick around and interfere with the national government," said Gou.

Gou closed by saying that he is not asking for anything except for a "small position in the history of the Republic of China." "This is what I want," declared Gou.