Video shows mud volcano erupt in S. Taiwan

Wandan's famous mud volcano erupts again in southern Taiwan's Pingtung County

(Photos from 陳玉意 Facebook page)

(Photos from 陳玉意 Facebook page)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Pingtung County's famous Wandan mud volcano erupted again on farmland on Monday (July 8), but major agricultural losses were averted this year as crops had already been harvested.

On Monday, a mud volcano erupted in two spots at a rice paddy in Pingtung County's Wandan Township, with the height of the spewing mud exceeding one meter, reported UDN. Fortunately, unlike last year, the eruption occurred after the rice had already been harvested, reported China Times.

When the volcano started to erupt, local Wannei Village leader Chen Yu-i (陳玉意) took photos and videos, which he uploaded to Facebook that day. In the video, a torrent of black mud can be seen oozing into an irrigation ditch next to the rice paddy where the volcano can be seen belching up gas, flames, and viscous slime.

(Photos from Facebook group 萬丹鄉交流地)

Farmers on the scene were nervous and quickly dispatched excavators to guide the mud away from their fields. Farmers told China Times that the eruption last year occurred right at harvest time and led to the destruction of 1 hectare of rice crops.

In May of last year, the volcano erupted damaging rice crops and later erupted again during the corn-harvesting season, reported ETtoday. Chen lamented that cultivation is difficult on farmland after it is inundated by the mud, with much of the corn fields a total loss last year, according to the report.

Mud volcanoes erupt one to three times annually around this time of year in Pingtung, reported CNA. Instead of spewing lava like an igneous volcano, mud volcanoes gurgle out a combination of water, gases, and mud. Igneous volcanoes are the result of magmatic activity and erupt lava, whereas mud volcanoes erupt mud.

(Photo from Facebook group 萬丹鄉交流地)

Many netizens were astonished by the rare natural phenomenon:

"This is terrifying!"

"Fortunately, the rice harvest is over."

"It's terrible, but it's also wondrous."

(Photo from Facebook group 萬丹鄉交流地)