Taiwan EVA Air captain calls for 'special meal' for anti-strike flight attendants

Taiwan's EVA Air fires captain for threatening anti-strike flight attendants with 'special meal'

(Screenshot from Facebook)

(Screenshot from Facebook)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- An EVA Air pilot has been relieved of his duties after he allegedly called for anti-strike flight attendants to be served a "special meal."

EVA Air stated today (July 9) that one of its captains surnamed Chu (朱) allegedly publicly incited others on Facebook to attempt to harm company employees and spread provocative words to spread panic. The company claims that his actions "seriously endangered flight safety" and the airline has imposed two major penalties and dismissed the pilot, effective immediately, reported CNA.

According to EVA Air, Chu publicly instigated unrest among flight attendants on his Facebook page on Friday (July 5), by writing "My hard-working sisters, keep a record of all the people who criticize you all now. Remember that they will be served a special meal later." The airline alleges that the ensuing fear caused by the pilot endangered public safety and decided to immediately ground him to carry out an investigation.

Today, EVA Air carried out a disciplinary review committee meeting to discuss the relevant evidence. The committee concluded that Chu had seriously violated the company's pilot management regulations, including inciting others to attempt to harm the company's employees, disseminating provocative speech to instill panic, behaving in a way that would seriously endangered air safety, damaging the company image, and possessing a mentality that is no longer fit for service, reported CNA.

After discussions were held, the committee then imposed two major penalties on the pilot and dismissed him from his post with immediate effect. EVA Air pointed out that Chu has the right to lodge an appeal within 14 days.

EVA Air said that the company adheres to strict rules to ensure the safety of each flight. It said that it will never tolerate any words or deeds that endanger flight safety and such behavior will be severely punished and investigated for legal liablity.

ETtoday reports that below Chu's Facebook post, a flight attendant wrote, "I'll wait for them to come up, and I'll be a good adviser." Although the pilot quickly deleted the post, the news spread like wildfire on the internet, including screenshots surfacing on the Taiwanese online bulletin board system PTT, causing heated online debate.