First Taiwan Listening Day to put human-environment relationship in spotlight

2019 Taiwan Listening Day to take place July 17, feature eco-conscious message

2019 Taiwan Listening Day poster (Soundscape Association of Taiwan photo)

2019 Taiwan Listening Day poster (Soundscape Association of Taiwan photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The first “Taiwan Listening Day,” a civic event that seeks to raise awareness on environmental issues, will be observed at Taiwan Contemporary Cultural Lab (C-Lab) in Taipei on July 17.

Organized by the Soundscape Association of Taiwan, the event will connect local environmental groups with members of the public. It will take them on a southward journey from Taipei to Taichung and finally to Kaohsiung.

Participants will be led along a route on which they are encouraged to contemplate the sounds of their surroundings. Listening activities are intended to revisit humanity's relationship with nature and suggest paths toward sustainable development, according to the organizers.

In the highlight of the event, Laila Fan (范欽慧), president of the Soundscape Association of Taiwan, will join 30 participants on a train ride to the Alishan mountains on July 17. There, at one of the most iconic spots on the island, they will listen to the “sound of sunrise."

In addition, a Taiwanese railway expert will be invited to a press event on July 13, reported UDN. He will lecture on how sounds, railroads, communities, and society have been inextricably intertwined over the course of Taiwan’s soundscape history.

To sign up for the event, visit the website for 2019 Taiwan Listening Day.