'Shihmen Reservoir Blue Highway’ in Taiwan’s Taoyuan available this summer

Boat riders will be able to admire the scenery along the reservoir, such as Longzhu Bay, Amuping ecological park, and Ginger Island

(Taoyuan Department of Tourism photo)

(Taoyuan Department of Tourism photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Taoyuan City’s Department of Tourism (DOT) has launched the season-limited “blue highway" package tour for tourists who wish to take a boat ride from the wharf at Shihmen Dam to the new Sikou suspension bridge (新溪口吊橋), providing a waterway alternative for visiting the suspension bridge that is free from road congestion, the department said on July 5.

As the Dahan River course near the Sikou Plateau (溪口台地) has silted up, the water level of the reservoir has to reach 240m in order for boats to be able to sail from the wharf at the dam (大壩碼頭) or Amuping Wharf (阿姆坪碼頭) to the new Sikou suspension bridge (新溪口吊橋), the DOT said.

Due to abundant rain this year, the department has activated the blue highway to enable tourists to take such boat excursions. The fare for a roundtrip boat excursion from the wharf at the dam to the suspension bridge is NT$400 (about US$13), and the roundtrip fare from Amuping Wharf is NT$300 (original price: NT$400), according to the department.

Boat riders will be able to admire the scenery along the reservoir, including Longzhu Bay (龍珠灣), the Amuping ecological park (阿姆坪生態園區), and Ginger Island (薑母島).

For more information about the boat excursions, please refer to the Shihmen Reservoir website .

Taoyuan Department of Tourism Director Yang Sheng-ping (楊勝評) said the department is also cooperating with bus operators and boat operators to launch the “Shihmen Reservoir Blue Highway” package tour, which includes a one-day ticket for Taiwan Tourist Shuttle’s Shihmen Reservoir Route, a round-trip boat excursion from the wharf at the dam, and the ticket for the new Sikou suspension bridge.

The price for the package tour is NT$450 (original price: NT$550), and purchasers will also receive a gift. Package tour participants will be able to take the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle bus at Zhongli Station to the wharf at Shihmen Dam, and then take the boat excursion from there to the suspension bridge, the department said.

The package tour will be available every Saturday and Sunday from July 13 to Sep. 1, and the boat excursions at 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. will be available for advance booking, the DOT added. For booking the package tour, please refer to the KKDAY ticket sale website or contact the DOT.

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