Taipei Metro makes eye-catching train arrival information upgrade

The upgraded displays will make it easier to see train times and destinations

Taipei Metro platform display (TRTC photo)

Taipei Metro platform display (TRTC photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Train arrival information at Taipei Metro is more “eye-catching” after an upgrade to display monitors on the platforms.

Passengers riding Taipei’s public transportation system will see train arrival times and destinations shown in larger fonts, said Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation (TRTC). The measure is intended to provide passengers with a more commuter-friendly experience.

The clearer display information, along with news video clips and MRT stories, is designed to compete for attention with passengers’ cell phones, pointed out TRTC.

Taipei Metro has set up 534 platform screens since 2004 that offers updated information on daily life and the city’s policies to approximately 2.1 million riders every day. The transit system reached a ridership milestone of 10 billion in March, when the lucky 10-billionth passenger won a new laptop and a year’s free travel.

The Taipei metro system is acclaimed for its convenience, cleanliness, and accessibility to almost every part of the city. It often receives praise from foreign visitors who take the MRT to explore the city.

Taipei Metro platform display (TRTC photo)