Gogoro announces 'GoShare' vehicle sharing platform coming to Taoyuan, Taiwan

Pilot program for 'GoShare' set for August with fleet of 1,000 Gogoro scooters and 200 battery kiosks

Gogoro eScooter and battery kiosk (Photo from 2018 Good Design Awards)

Gogoro eScooter and battery kiosk (Photo from 2018 Good Design Awards)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The popular Taiwanese electric scooter manufacturer, Gogoro, announced on Friday (July 5) that it will be launching a pilot “GoShare” vehicle sharing platform starting in August.

In a bid to help develop “smart city ecosystems,” Gogoro’s pilot scooter-sharing program will be launched in Taoyuan with a fleet of 1,000 scooters.

The Goshare platform will operate in manner similar to Taiwan’s public U-bike system, but requires a small monthly fee for enrollment in the ride-share program and access to the smart network.

Licensed users will enroll in the system with an app on their IOS or Android device. Uploading a photo of a valid driver’s license and inputting a payment method is all it takes, and then users can check for available scooters in their area.

GoShare users will also have access to the battery banks available for regular Gogoro scooter owners, so the problem of renting a scooter with no battery power will be easily remedied.

Horace Luke, the founder and CEO of Gogoro believes the ride-share program with electric scooters and battery stations can revolutionize urban transportation, effectively overcoming operational inefficiencies involved in sharing and refueling fossil-fuel based vehicles.

"GoShare is the first end-to-end mobility sharing platform, and tightly integrates the Gogoro Network, Gogoro Smartscooter, and GoShare App into a powerful solution that eliminates many of the operational challenges to deliver an optimized platform that is easy for riders to use, more sustainable to operate and more viable for cities to meet their aggressive smart city goals and initiatives."

The Mayor of Taoyuan City, Wen-Tsan Cheng, is also optimistic about the ride-share program which will contribute to Taoyuan’s efforts to promote carbon reduction and integrate smart traffic systems, as city’s across Taiwan pursue the goal of becoming smart cities.

Mayor Cheng was quoted by the Gogoro press release on the “GoShare” platform.

“With Gogoro, our city connects smart energy, smart industries, and smart transportation through electric vehicles, building a smart energy infrastructure that embracing big data analytics. We are confident this Gogoro partnership will continue producing remarkable reductions in air pollution caused by vehicle emissions and will accelerate the transformation of Taoyuan into a smart, livable city.”

Techcrunch reports that Taoyuan city currently has about 200 battery charging kiosks installed for Gogoro riders, which members of the “Goshare” platform will all nave access to.

If the pilot program is successful in Taoyuan, then after August Gogoro anticipates expanding the platform to other Taiwanese cities in the near future.

In the Summer of 2017, Gogoro also launched a ride-share program in Paris, France in cooperation with the Coup eScooter Sharing Service. The company is likely to expand its footprint in Europe in the future as well.

Updated : 2021-01-16 19:26 GMT+08:00