Taiwan rises to No.1 in Asia for masturbation

Taiwanese come in first in Asia for masturbation experience, frequency

Lin Chi-ling (Photo from 林志玲Chiling Lin Facebook page)

Lin Chi-ling (Photo from 林志玲Chiling Lin Facebook page)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Taiwanese engage in more sexual self-pleasure than people in other Asian countries according to a survey by Japanese manufacturer of "hygienic sexual wellness items" TENGA, which reports Taiwan has the highest frequency of self-stimulation in the region.

In its "2019 Self-Pleasure Global Report," 80 percent of Taiwanese surveyed reported having manually stimulated themselves, surpassing South Korea (76 percent), Japan (76 percent), and China (73 percent). The country with the highest percentage of respondents reporting experience with self-stimulation in the world was Spain at 93 percent.

Taiwanese also lead the pack in Asia in terms of frequency of self-pleasuring sessions with an average of 51 percent engaging in the act at least once a week. Japan came in second at 48 percent, followed by China (45 percent), and South Korea (43 percent), while the UK leads the world at 61 percent.

List of countries which masturbate most. (Screenshot from TENGA report)

Respondents in each country reported different kinds of sexual fantasies while self-stimulating. Taiwanese mainly prefer movie stars and TV celebrities, such as Taiwanese actress Lin Chi-ling (林志玲) and American actor Tom Cruise as the objects of their fantasies.

South Koreans preferred to fantasize about adult film stars, while Japanese males had a proclivity for anime characters. When Taiwanese were asked about the music they prefer to listen to while having sex, many listed Taiwanese rock band Mayday (五月天) and Taiwanese crooner Jay Chou (周杰倫).

Data from the survey shows that Taiwanese begin manually stimulating at an average age of 16.5, down 0.4 years from last year. The lowest average age to have a first experience with self-stimulation in the survey is Japan, at age 13.8, a drop of .08 years from last year's report.

List of frequency of masturbation worldwide. (Screenshot from TENGA)

As for the duration of an individual's self-pleasuring session, 26 percent of males take six to 10 minutes to climax, while 18 percent take up to 21 to 30 minutes to achieve an orgasm. Women tend to take less time when left to their own devices, with 60 percent able to finish up in 15 minutes, while 24 percent only need one to five minutes. Taiwan again leads the world with the highest percentage of women able to reach a climax during manual stimulation.

More than 60 percent of Taiwanese have a set routine when it comes to self-pleasuring, with 83 percent of Taiwanese men preferring to watch adult videos. While 62 percent of women also enjoy watching adult videos, nearly half can simply use their imagination, and 27 percent can arouse themselves while reading adult novels.

The results showed that males prefer visual stimulation, while women are more able to arouse themselves through their vivid imagination.

In general, the clear majority of men (50 percent) in the survey found sex to be more pleasurable than self-stimulation. Slightly more women preferred self-pleasure (37 percent), closely followed by sex (33 percent), and either one as equally enjoyable (30 percent).

In Taiwan, 40 percent of respondents claimed that both self-stimulation and sex were equally pleasurable. However, Taiwanese men pay more attention to "actual stimulation," so they prefer sexual experiences with a partner, while Taiwanese women are more focused on psychological feelings and would rather "come on their own" (自己來).

The survey was carried out on 10,000 men and women between the ages of 18 and 54 in nine countries, including the U.S., UK, Germany, France, Spain, Japan, China, South Korea, and Taiwan. The report claims to differentiate itself from other studies on manual stimulation and sexual behaviors by also exploring "the connection between pleasure – from oneself and during sex – and its impact on physical, emotional, and societal well-being."