E-commerce site for Japanese apparel offers free shipping to Taiwan through mid-July

'1st global fashion e-commerce site' Fasbee Inc. launches business with aim to entice customers in Taiwan and Hong Kong


TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – With the launch of Fasbee Inc.'s e-commerce service in Taiwan, Taiwanese consumers will now have much easier access to the products of small and independent Japanese clothing designers.

Fasbee was incorporated in March as an online platform that coordinates with Japanese designers hoping to share their products with a wider market. To entice customers to jump aboard the service, Fasbee is offering free shipping from Japan to Taiwan and Hong Kong through mid-July, reports the Mainichi Shimbun.

The platform was launched on July 2 with the expectation that Taiwanese and Hongkonger shoppers interested in the newest fashion trends are willing to pay a bit more for quality designs from up-and-coming Japanese designers.

Fasbee Inc. is a joint venture 51 percent owned by Beenos Inc. and 49 percent owned by e-commerce company Fashion-Co-Lab. According to the press release, they aim to make shopping easier for customers everywhere and to become the world’s top e-commerce site for fashion apparel.

Promoting its service as “the first and only global fashion e-commerce site to purchase Japanese brand apparel,” Fasbee provides a sales platform for over 350 Japanese brands, most of which do not have any overseas presence. Services are available in Japanese, Mandarin, as well as English.

The company’s press release states that products are sold at the same price on Fasbee’s site as they are in Japanese retailers. Fasbee also emphasizes that they have optimized their shipping process to meet international demand, providing delivery to most global locations within four to seven days.

Check out the wide variety of apparel, accessories, and home interior items available on the Fasbee website.