Traditional Taiwanese breakfast foods touch down in Tokyo

Salty soy milk a hit with Japanese locals


A traditional Taiwanese breakfast including salty soy milk (by 縄文弥生 on Tabelog)

TAIPEI -- (Taiwan News) Opening recently near Tokyo’s Gotanda Station, Tokyo Dòujiāng Life is conquering the local market one taste bud at a time with traditional Taiwanese breakfast foods like salty soy milk (鹹豆漿) and fried crispy donuts encased in flaky sesame flatbread (燒餅油條).

A post on the Japanese website Tabelog (食べログ) reported long lines outside the restaurant early in the morning. After trying salty soy milk for the first time, one customer claimed they loved it so much that they were “completely addicted.”

After falling in love with Taiwanese cuisine, restaurant owner Mr. Tanabe quit his job and committed himself to bringing authentic Taiwanese food to Japan. Tanabe, whose wife is Taiwanese, opened a successful restaurant in Kanda, Tokyo, before embarking upon Tokyo Dòujiāng Life this year.

With a charming coffee shop-style interior, Tokyo Dòujiāng Life is taking off with the younger generation.