Video shows Chinese delegate rudely cover up badge with Taiwan flag at ICN event

Chinese delegate reaches 'salty pig hand' to flip over badge with Taiwan flag at International Council of Nurses event

(Screenshots from Facebook user wumama.amy)

(Screenshots from Facebook user wumama.amy)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Video surfaced on Tuesday (July 2) showing footage of a Chinese delegate suddenly and rudely reaching her hand over to cover up the Taiwan flag on the badge of a Taiwanese delegate at a ceremony of the International Council of Nurses (ICN) annual meeting in Singapore on Monday (June 1).

Chen Ching-min (陳靜敏), deputy director of the Taiwan Nurses Association and Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) legislator, on Tuesday posted a video on Facebook of the closing ceremony for the ICN Congress 2019. In her post, she describes a Chinese delegate as reaching out her "salty pig hand" (鹹豬手) to cover up a Taiwanese delegate's badge, which displayed the Taiwan flag.

Chen, who participated at the meeting, pointed out that one week before the ICN Congress, Chinese leaders had tried to coerce the organization into changing the nationality of the Taiwan Nursing Society to "China" by threatening to withdraw from the event. Fortunately, "our solemn protest and negotiation efforts" enabled Taiwan's representatives to maintain their status, wrote Chen.

Chen wrote that at the closing ceremony of the conference on Monday, Wu Ying (吳瑛), the Chinese representative took to the stage with delegates from several other nations. Just as the MC was telling the audience to give the representatives to "please be upstanding to recognize...," Wu "brazenly extended her salty pig hand," tactlessly stretched her arm in front of the U.S. delegate and grabbed the badge of the Vice President of the Taiwan Nurses Association Huang Lien-hua (黃璉華).

Wu then reportedly said, "Don't let everyone see the flag on the front of the badge," as she flipped the badge over. She then lifted up Huang's blouse and shoved the badge underneath for good measure, while all other delegates on stage watched aghast.

Chen said that Wu's act was so rude and childish that it's "staggering," and "I don't know where to start." She said that Taiwan's nurses are excellent, but China is "too afraid that Taiwan will be seen by the international community."

Despite China's efforts to sabotage Taiwan's participation, the country has always been a good representative at ICN and the international performance and overall academic development of Taiwan's nursing profession is on a par with international standards, wrote Chen.

Chen said that the ICN has long recognized the Taiwan Nurses Association and its over 70,000 members. She said that although Taiwan is a small country, it actually ranks 11th out of over 130 nurse associations worldwide.