Fans convince 'Harry Potter' game site to fix Taiwan label

Taiwanese fans convince 'Harry Potter' gaming site 'Wizarding World' to restore Taiwan as separate country from China

Screenshot of dropdown menu showing Taiwan.

Screenshot of dropdown menu showing Taiwan.

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- A group of Taiwanese "Harry Potter" fans convinced the developers of the book series' gaming website "Wizarding World" to correct a dropdown menu which had inaccurately listed Taiwan as a "province of China."

Chang Kai-han (張凱涵), a college student who has been a fan of "Harry Potter" since elementary school, told Liberty Times on Tuesday (July 2) she first registered on the official game site of the fantasy novel series "Wizarding World" on May 17. When she saw the dropdown menu for countries, she was shocked and angered to see Taiwan listed as a "province of China."

Chang felt that the fictional world of "Harry Potter" was no place to include political viewpoints. She said she just wanted to enter the magical world of Harry Potter, "Why should I have to agree with other people's political standpoint?"

She said that just as Taiwan had legalized same-sex marriage, the first country to do so in Asia, China is cracking down on its citizens and placing them in detention camps. She told Liberty Times that she could not accept that "while Taiwan strives to promote human rights, it is confused with a country that has no space for human rights and decided to protest."

Chang then wrote a letter to the developers of the website in the "Guest Complaint" section. In her complaint, she wrote, "The island I grew up on has a complex relationship with China, the country next door. But we have never stated that we are a part of China. I never thought that my cherished fan circle would disappoint me and my country in such an insulting way," reported Liberty Times.

Screenshot of "Wizarding World" homepage.

Chang pointed out to the site managers that the dropdown menu for nations erroneously refers to Taiwan as a "province of China," which left her greatly disappointed and angry. She emphasized that Taiwan and China are actually two separate countries.

She wrote that even though she was looking forward to the new official website, she would not register a new account until the website lists Taiwan as an option separate from China. She said that most Taiwanese users would have the same preference.

The student closed by expressing her hope that the official website team would seriously consider her request and "take fair and correct action." Chang then called on her friends and acquaintances who were "Harry Potter" fans to also write to the website.

Chang said that she never expected a reply from the website and figured the best she could expect would be a canned response. To her pleasant surprise, she told Liberty Times that she received a direct response on May 31 which conformed to her request, prompting her happily complete her registration on the website.

She said that she later learned that many other netizens had filed the same complaint as well. Chang concluded that although the strength of an individual is very small, when many people join together, they can "make change happen."