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Taiwan's Golden Melody Awards censored on Chinese intranet

Program streams in China abruptly cut after presenter voiced support for Hong Kong protests

Presenter Jen Chiang-da at Golden Melody Awards

Presenter Jen Chiang-da at Golden Melody Awards (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The broadcast of Taiwan’s Golden Melody Awards, which took place in Taipei on June 29, was reportedly cut by Chinese streaming sites when the ceremony’s presenter Jen Chiang-da (任將達) mentioned Hong Kong and Tiananmen Square, both taboo topics in Chinese media.

Jen, who is the owner of the music label Crystal Records, stated the phrase “Hong Kong! Add Oil!” (加油), in support of democracy activists, and China’s state censors immediately cut live feeds of the program, reports Australia’s ABC News.

Following his comment in support of Hong Kong, the presenter went on to mention the 1989 Tiananmen massacre.

The censors were probably aware that Jen was also preparing to discuss Tiananmen, as he was presenting an achievement award to Blacklisted Studios for an album of protest music entitled “Songs of Madness” released in 1989 by the collective of Taiwanese artists.

Some of Jen’s remarks on Tiananmen Square were quoted by ABC News.

“In 1989, the Berlin Wall collapsed, the June 4 Tiananmen Square incident happened, Cheng Nan-jung sacrificed himself for democracy, and the Blacklist Studio released the Songs of Madness…It was the year when the world was making an effort to move towards a new order of having more freedom and democracy.”

The Golden Melody Awards were also attended by Hong Kong activist Denise Ho, who recently collaborated with several Taiwan and Hong Kong artists to produce a song in support of Hong Kong activists protesting the proposed China extradition bill.