Food delivery service Honestbee halts operations in Taiwan

Food and grocery delivery service Honestbee suspends operations in Taiwan

(Photo from Honestbee website)

(Photo from Honestbee website)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Food and delivery service Honestbee (誠實蜜蜂) announced on Saturday (June 29) that it was suspending operations in Taiwan.

When Honestbee first set up shop in Taiwan in January of 2016, it was claimed that it would invest NT$500 million over the next three years. However, by February of this year, the company owed nearly 300 restaurants NT$7.79 million in overdue payments, which the firm played on a switch to a new system, prompting the Ministry of Economic Affairs to open an investigation, reported Liberty Times.

Payments were not finally made to partner restaurants until May, with some eateries still due hundreds of thousands of NT dollars. At a press conference on June 26, Honestbee announced that it would suspend operations in Taiwan.

Honestbee Marketing Manager Lee Wen-feng (李文峰) refused to confirm or deny reports that the business was shutting down in Taiwan. However, a female member of the Self-help Association (自救會) surnamed Pai (白) told ETtoday that she did receive notification of the suspension of operations from the company.

In May, partner stores received a statement from Honestbee saying that it would maintain normal operations. Yet, on June 28, Honestbee sent a letter to its partners, stating that it had discussed with the Singapore headquarters ways of continuing to develop and to resolve its current overdue payment problems.

The letter concluded that the company has opted to "suspend business projects in Taiwan starting on June 28." On June 29, Honestbee posted an official announcement on its Facebook page for Taiwan in which it stated that it has received instructions from its Singapore headquarters to temporarily cease all operations in Taiwan starting on that day, pending further instructions from company management.

Announcement posted on Facebook announcing Honestbee's closure in Taiwan: