Central Taiwan’s Dongshi Forestry Culture Park open every day until September

The park has become a top destination for lotus blossom lovers

(Dongshih Forest District Office photo)

(Dongshih Forest District Office photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- The Dongshi Forestry Culture Park (東勢林業文化園區), located in Taichung City’s Dongshi District, will be open to visitors every day from July 1 to August 31 to allow the public time to appreciate the lotus blossums, Dongshi Forest District Office (DFDO) posted in a notice on June 28.

The park is normally open from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday and closes on Monday and Tuesday. In recent years, the park has become known as the best place in central Taiwan to see lotuses in full bloom, as they can be witnessed in the timber pond each year, DFDO said.

Formerly the Taiwan Daxueshan Forestry Company (大雪山林業公司), the Dongshi Forestry Culture Park was once the site of a 1960's-era lumber factory, the largest in East Asia at the time. It was also the first place in Taiwan where American-style logging operations were introduced, which differed from the Japanese-style lumber mills that were common at the time.

Since opening in 2013, the forestry park still retains vestiges of the wood industry, such as lumber works, offices, and wooden dormitories. The 5-hectare timber pond is a particularly popular attraction for photography enthusiasts this time of year, the district office said, when it is blanketed with beautiful lotus blossoms.

Starting from July, engineering projects to repair the trail around the lake and maintain the historic factory buildings will be under way. During this period, the park will remain open, the district office added.

The park will hold a series of activities during lotus season. For more information, please refer to the park’s Facebook account.

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