Flight attendants’ strike at Taiwan’s EVA Air on verge of ending

Union members will vote from Friday night until Saturday June 29 noon

Flight attendant union representatives leaving tal...

Flight attendant union representatives leaving tal... (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – A meeting between representatives of the Taoyuan Flight Attendants Union and EVA Air Chairman Steve Lin (林寶水) Friday (June 28) afternoon might result in the signing of an agreement and the end of the strike on its 10th day Saturday (June 29), according to the Ministry of Labor.

More than 2,000 flight attendants at the private carrier walked out on June 20 to underline their demands regarding overtime and long working hours. Supporters said difficult working conditions were sufficient reason for the industrial action, while critics lambasted the airline staff for disrupting the travel plans of thousands of people.

About 1,000 flights have been canceled since the beginning of the strike, affecting an estimated 200,000 passengers, the Central News Agency reported.

Following Friday afternoon’s meeting, reports indicated that both sides in the dispute might sign an agreement to end the strike around Saturday noon at the earliest.

The breakthrough followed apparent concessions proposed by the union, including dialing down demands for a higher overseas daily allowance, the appointment of a labor representative on the company board, and benefits restricted to union members.

During Friday’s meeting, Lin reportedly showed goodwill on issues not directly included in the union’s eight core demands, thus laying the basis for an improved relationship, CNA reported.

The results of the meeting will be submitted to a union vote beginning at 10 p.m. Friday and likely to end by noon Saturday. If the members agree to the new package, the strike will be likely to end Saturday.