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EVA strikers meet with company chairman for the first time

Union director shares “flight attendants’ grievances” with EVA chairman

EVA Air strikers met the chairman of the company Friday afternoon

EVA Air strikers met the chairman of the company Friday afternoon (CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- The Taoyuan Flight Attendant’s Union (TFAU) attempted to engage with EVA Air management Friday (June 28) by sharing striking flight attendants feelings and stories with them in an attempt to open discussions between the union and company.

Having had their most recent attempt at negotiation rejected, TFAU board directors including Liao Yi-chin (廖以勤) brought a paper bag containing letters from striking flight attendants labeled “flight attendants’ grievances” to EVA’s head office, hoping to inform EVA Air Chairman Steve Lin (林寶水) of the challenges they face.

TFAU has emphasized that this meeting is not an official negotiation, but a forum for the exchange of ideas, reports Liberty Times.

Liao reiterated that the “flight attendants’ grievances” were not intended to express their demands, only to have the company chairman hear about the flight attendants’ feelings regarding their working conditions for the first time. Liao hopes to have company management understand why the 2,300 flight attendants are so committed to the strike, and aims for negotiations between the two parties on an equal footing.

Updated : 2021-07-25 11:22 GMT+08:00