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Photo of the Day: Koxinga beer spotted in S. Taiwan

Special Koxinga beer cans, potato chips available only in Tainan, Taiwan

Koxinga beer. (Photo by Grace Jackson)

Koxinga beer. (Photo by Grace Jackson)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- British writer Grace Jackson took this photo of a can of Taiwan-brewed beer commemorating 17th century leader of Taiwan Koxinga (Cheng Cheng-kung, 鄭成功) in southern Taiwan's historic Tainan City on Wednesday (June 26).

Jackson, who lived and studied in Taiwan between 2010 and 2013 and currently leads study abroad programs for young people in Taiwan, spotted the unusual beer can in a gift shop next to Anping Old Fort in Tainan's Anping District on Wednesday. The special series of beer cans, first launched in June of last year through a collaboration between the city government and Shanhua Brewery, are only available in stores in Tainan's historic sites.

Koxinga, was a Chinese Ming Dynasty loyalist who resisted the Qing Dynasty conquest of China in the 17th Century. In addition to beer cans, there are also limited edition potato chips, which have reportedly also been a popular item among tourists.

Photo of the Day: Koxinga beer spotted in S. Taiwan
Koxinga beer. (Tainan City Cultural Affairs Bureau photo)

The beer includes humorous homophones such as My Way and 麥味 (maiwei, wheat flavor), while Kongxinga makes the sign language gesture for "love" with his right hand and shouts the slogan "Must succeed!" on the potato chips bag.

In 1662, Koxinga defeated the Dutch and drove them out of Taiwan to create his own base for Ming loyalists called the Kingdom of Tungning, with the goal of eventually reconquering China. He died that same year at the young age of 37 and his kingdom would only last another twenty years before his grandson ultimately surrendered to the Qing.

The Tainan City Cultural Affairs Bureau can also provide mail delivery of these souvenirs. Those interested in purchasing Koxinga beer or potato chips can call (886) 06-2135518.

Photo of the Day: Koxinga beer spotted in S. Taiwan
Koxinga potato chips. (Tainan City Cultural Affairs Bureau photo)

The following are the only locations in Tainan where the items can be purchased:

Chihkan Tower (赤崁樓)
Anping Old Fort (安平古堡)
Anping Tree House (安平樹屋)
Eternal Golden Castle (億載金城)
Koxinga Museum (延平郡王祠)
Patriaoti Women's Association Hall (愛國婦人會館)
1661 Taiwan Warship Museum (1661臺灣船園區)