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Man convicted of killing sisters in Boston apartment

Man convicted of killing sisters in Boston apartment

BOSTON (AP) — A man charged with killing his ex-girlfriend and her sister in their Boston apartment in 2011 has been convicted of murder charges.

Prosecutors say a jury on Wednesday found Jean Weevins Janvier guilty of first-degree murder and second-degree murder in the November 2011 fatal shootings of 21-year-old Stephanie Emile and 23-year-old Judith Emile.

Janvier faces sentencing Thursday in Suffolk Superior Court.

Prosecutors say Janvier had a brief relationship with Stephanie Emile and was angry when the relationship ended.

Authorities say he fled to Haiti after he was called in for questioning in December 2011. He was indicted in 2012.

He was later added to the U.S. Marshals 15 Most Wanted list and apprehended at his mother's home in Haiti in 2017.

Updated : 2021-07-30 18:16 GMT+08:00