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Ministry of Interior grants Taiwanese citizenship to 5 foreign professionals

91 foreigners have received full citizenship since Nationality Act was amended in December 2016

Ministry of Interior grants Taiwanese citizenship to 5 foreign professionals

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Taiwan’s Ministry of the Interior (MOI) held a naturalization ceremony on Wednesday (June 26) to formally bestow Taiwanese citizenship on five foreign professionals.

In accordance with Taiwan’s recently amended Nationality Act, the five individuals were able to receive Taiwanese citizenship without giving up their original nationality. Among the five professionals naturalized on Wednesday, three come from a background in education, one works in the financial sector, and one works in the field of culture and arts.

The three professionals in education include an American expert in anthropology who has researched the indigenous people of Taiwan and East Asia for many years, a second American dedicated to missionary work who has served with multiple institutions dedicated to helping disadvantaged communities, and an Australian badminton instructor who coached Taiwan's national team.

In March 2017, the ministry promulgated a supplement to an amendment to the Nationality Act (國籍法) passed by the Legislative Yuan in December 2016, giving special exemptions to the requirement that foreign nationals renounce their citizenship before being eligible to become a Taiwanese citizen.

Since the initial amendment was passed in December 2016, 91 foreigners have been granted full Taiwanese citizenship, according to the Ministry of Interior news release. In an effort to naturalize more talented professionals, the MOI encourages other qualified foreigners to consider applying for Taiwanese citizenship.

Updated : 2022-05-27 05:54 GMT+08:00