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Denmark's new center-left PM presents her government

Denmark's new center-left PM presents her government

COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — Denmark's new Social Democratic prime minister has announced her government team after winning the support of three smaller left-wing parties.

Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen, who at 41 is Denmark's youngest ever leader, announced Thursday that the party's number two, Nicolai Wammen, will be finance minister while the justice portfolio goes to Nick Haekkerup.

She also appointed a recently elected member of the European Parliament to the post of foreign minister. Jeppe Kofod won't be taking up his post at the European Parliament.

The Social Democrats won the June 5 partly because they embraced fairly restrictive immigration policies. The Social Democrats will govern as a minority with the support of the smaller left-wing parties.

Updated : 2021-05-16 07:39 GMT+08:00