Taiwan's legislature confirms grand justice nominations

Shieh Ming-yan (謝銘洋), Yang Hui-chin (楊惠欽),Tsai Tzung-jen (蔡宗珍) and l Lu Tai-lang (呂太郎) (left to right)

Shieh Ming-yan (謝銘洋), Yang Hui-chin (楊惠欽),Tsai Tzung-jen (蔡宗珍) and l Lu Tai-lang (呂太郎) (left to right) (CNA photo)

The Legislative Yuan confirmed Thursday President Tsai Ing-wen's (蔡英文) four nominees for grand justices.

The four nominees are Kaohsiung High Administrative Court President Yang Hui-chin (楊惠欽), Minister of Examination Tsai Tzung-jen (蔡宗珍), Shieh Ming-yan (謝銘洋), a professor of law at National Taiwan University and Judicial Yuan Secretary-General Lu Tai-lang (呂太郎).

There are 113 seats in the legislature, and nominees must obtain at least half of the votes to consider their motion passed, according to the Constitution.

Only 71 legislators participated in the vote Thursday, while 42 abstained.

All four nominees obtained more than 57 yes votes, exceeding half of the votes needed for confirmation.

Yang obtained 67 yes votes, three no votes, and one invalid vote, Tsai got 71 yes votes, while Hsieh obtained 71 yes votes. Lu got 68 yes votes, one no vote, and two invalid votes.

The four nominees, including two women, were put forward by Tsai based on the consideration of gender ratio, which must keep the ratio of females to males at no less than 25 percent, according to Vice President Chen Chien-jen (陳建仁), the head of a grand justice candidate selection committee.

The four will be among 15 grand justices, four of whom are women.

The four positions on the Constitutional Court will become vacant Sept. 30 when incumbent grand justices Chen Be-yue (陳碧玉), Huang Hsi-chun (黃璽君), Lo Chang-fa (羅昌發) and Tang Te-tsung (湯德宗) step down at the end of their eight-year terms.

Updated : 2021-03-01 06:40 GMT+08:00