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Update: Pro-China Taiwanese TV show goes off air after anti-red media protest

Pro-China Taiwanese TV show yanked from air days after anti-red media protest

Screenshot of show. (Image from Huang Chih-hsien Facebook page)

Screenshot of show. (Image from Huang Chih-hsien Facebook page)

Update: 06/27 2:00 p.m.

At 1 p.m. today, Tsai issued a statement on her Facebook page denying government involvement in the shutdown of the TV show. In her statement, she wrote that the report of her alleged involvement in shutting down the TV show "is obviously wrong and contrary to common sense. Taiwan is already a democratic country. After breaking free of authoritarian rule, the government cannot and will not stop broadcasting or publishing just because the media holds different positions."

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- A controversial TV show by pro-China Kuomintang (KMT) Taiwan TV commentator Huang Chih-hsien (黃智賢) is being yanked off the air allegedly due to pressure from Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) and after a massive rally on Sunday by Taiwanese protestors calling for an end to "red media" on Sunday.

On Monday (June 24), Huang was told by senior CtiTV (中天) officials that her pro-China talk show "Late-Night Punch" (夜問打權) was to be yanked off the air after tens of thousands took part in the anti-red media rally in Taipei on Sunday (June 23), reported UDN. Huang had originally planned to broadcast the last episode on Wednesday (June 26) after learning of the decision.

However, Huang later decided to run one final farewell broadcast on Friday (June 28). The report alleged that the show had been under pressure from the Tsai administration to move from Channel 52 to Channel 39 and then much further up the dial to Channel 154. Sunday's anti-red media rally reportedly supplied Tsai with enough ammunition to pressure CtiTV to finally pull the plug on the show.

On her show, Huang routinely spouts pro-China propaganda such as calling for the "peaceful unification" of China and Taiwan under the tattered "one country, two systems" framework. Recently, during the Hong Kong protests against a controversial extradition bill, Huang has used the show to disseminate spurious claims about the "truth about the anti-extradition law protests."

The show has come under more scrutiny lately after Huang called for "Taiwan to be returned to China" at the 11th Straits Forum in Fujian, China, earlier this month. After reading about Huang's remarks, many Taiwanese asked the Tsai government to revoke Huang's Taiwanese citizenship and criticized her behavior as "schizophrenic."

A source familiar with the matter told UDN that Huang will soon create an online version of the show. The source said that "although the Tsai government has shut down her show, Huang will never shut up."