Taiwan has two supercomputers in the global Top 500

The Taiwania 2 stands at No.23 on the list

The world's most powerful supercomputer, the IBM S...

The world's most powerful supercomputer, the IBM S...

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Taiwan appeared twice on the global Top 500 of supercomputers, with the Taiwania and the Taiwania 2, the Liberty Times reported Wednesday (June 26).

Veteran American computer maker IBM topped the list, with its Summit at No.1, retaking the lead after several years of Chinese dominance, and closely followed by its Sierra, according to the list.

Two Chinese supercomputers appeared next, at No.3 and No.4, while Taiwan made it to No.23 with the Taiwania 2 credited to Quanta Computer, Taiwan Fixed Network and ASUS Cloud. The original Taiwania, the product of cooperation between Chunghwa Telecom and Fujitsu, ranked No.314 on the list.

For the first time since the bi-annual list was created, all 500 supercomputers mentioned have a Central Processing Unit which reaches a computing speed of 1 Petaflop, which amounts to the execution of a quadrillion operations per second, the Liberty Times reported.