Photo of the Day: 2 students tell Han to 'Finish your term'

When posing for graduation photo with Han Kuo-yu, 2 students hold up signs which read 'Finish your term, love Kaohsiung'


(CNA photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- In the latest incident involving a student standing up to itinerant Kaohsiung Mayor and full-time presidential candidate Han Kuo-yu, two students held up signs telling him to finish his term as mayor first.

On Tuesday (June 25), when posing for a graduation photo with Han, a female Hsin Chuang High School student surnamed Lee (李) held up a sign which read "Finish your term, love Kaohsiung" (做好做滿愛高雄). The student was apparently referring to the fact that scarcely six months into his term as mayor of Kaoshsiung, he has already left the city in the lurch as he campaigns around the country in a bid for the Taiwan presidency.

That same day, a female classmate surnamed Chen (陳) hid a similar sign inside her commendation which she revealed when she went on stage. The sign also read "Finish your term."

Han (left), student who unfurled sign (right). (CNA photo)

These episode is the latest in string of incidents in which students have been criticizing Han at otherwise banal graduation photo ops. On Monday (June 24), while posing for a photo with Han, a Kaohsiung Senior High School student suddenly held up a book titled "The Lying Ape" (為什麼愛說謊) and made a wide grin.

Last week on June 19, a junior high school student boldly told Han that his presidential run was "too ridiculous" and asked him to "please wake up." On June 21, a female student rubbed Han's head, but the pupil claimed that she only did so on a dare and that she is, in fact, a "Han hater" (韓黑).

Han (left), student (right) who hid sign inside commendation. (Facebook photo)