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Taiwan’s civil service system reports data breach

The personal data of over 240,000 civil servants has been compromised



TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Taiwan’s civil service system reported an information security breach incident on Monday (June 24), with the personal information of at least 240,000 civil servants being compromised.

Through a notice published on its website, the Ministry of Civil Service (MOCS) said it received a tip-off on June 22 about the data breach, suggesting an information leak of more than 590,000 personnel in its database. The information was made available on foreign websites, said the agency.

The actual number of civil servants affected is 243,376, which includes individuals working in both central and local government posts between Jan. 1 and June 30, 2005. The files exposed reveal their ID numbers, names, agency information, and job titles and numbers, said the MOCS.

The agency has taken action to address the data spill in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act. Measures include notifying individuals whose information has been disclosed and reporting to the National Center for Cyber Security Technology in compliance with the Cyber Security Management Act.

The compromised information system ceased operating in March 2015, the agency noted, adding that vulnerability management and protection measures for existing systems are being implemented immediately.