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Video shows mob surround home of nanny suspected of beating 1-year-old girl in W. Taiwan

Angry mob of 300 surrounds home of babysitter suspected of badly battering 1-year-old baby in Taichung, Taiwan

Angry mob outside babysitter's home. (Screenshot of Facebook video)

Angry mob outside babysitter's home. (Screenshot of Facebook video)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- After news broke on Saturday (June 22) that a babysitter had badly beaten a 1-year-old girl in Taichung City, an angry mob of 300 vigilantes gathered in front the nanny's home Sunday night (June 23).

On Saturday, the girl's mother posted a photo of her badly-beaten daughter in intensive care on the Facebook group "Baoyuan Commune" (爆怨公社). The woman wrote that she suspected that the babysitter had beaten her daughter and Doctors had found that the baby had suffered intracranial hemorrhaging and bruises on her back.

The Taichung City Social Affairs Bureau said that due to the baby's serious condition, it is investigating the possibility that the child had been abused by the babysitter, reported Liberty Times.

At 9 p.m. on Sunday, some netizens on Facebook groups called for a gathering in front of the nanny's residence on Hanxi East Road, Section 2 in Taichung's Taiping District. By 10 p.m., nearly 300 people had gathered outside her home.

Police were dispatched to the scene to set up a cordon around the residential building, which angered the mob further. The crowd demanded that police take the woman back to the police station for an investigation and an argument broke out between police officials and members of the crowd.

Some people were dissatisfied with the police blockage of the road and rode motorcycles directly through the police barricade. Police then retaliated by dousing them with pepper spray and arresting several people on the spot.

After a long confrontation with police, the crowd finally dispersed at 1:00 a.m. this morning (June 24). Police then issued a press release announcing that on Sunday evening, a man surnamed Liu (劉) on the Facebook page Temporary Synergy Fan Page (協心臨時粉絲專) called on people to gather outside the nanny's residence and demand prosecutors detain the woman.

He then warned that if prosecutors did not detain her, he would encourage members of the public to refuse to leave the scene and rush into the community to find the parties involved. Police expressed their sympathy for Liu and netizens' concerns about the child abuse case, but the mob refused to disperse and they insisted that the prosecutors issue an immediate order for the woman's arrest.

Police promised that they had reported the case to the prosecutor and that the prosecution and police shall investigate everything in accordance with legal procedures. During the chaotic scene on Sunday night, the mob set off firecrackers and hurled objects, before finally dispersing in the early hours of this morning.