Taiwanese praise cleanliness of anti-red media protesters vs. sloppy Han fans

Entire scene clean within 1 hour after end of anti-red media protest in Taipei

After anti-red media rally (left), post-Han rally (right). (PTT photos)

After anti-red media rally (left), post-Han rally (right). (PTT photos)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) -- Taiwanese netizens were impressed with the speed and thoroughness of the cleanup after a massive rally against "red media" outlets, which is in stark contrast to the piles of trash left by "Han fans" after rallies for itinerant Kaohsiung Mayor and full-time presidential candidate Han Kuo-yu (韓國瑜).

On Sunday (June 23), tens of thousands turned out at a rally on Taipei's on Ketagalan Boulevard organized by YouTube celebrity Holger Chen (陳之漢) and New Power Party (NPP) Legislator Huang Kuo-chang (黃國昌) to oppose "red media" outlets, which are pro-China news agencies primarily part of the Want Want China Times Media Group. Despite the huge numbers and the pouring rain, the streets were cleared of all debris within an hour after the protest, winning praise from users of the online message board PTT.

After the rally had ended on Sunday, a PTT user posted 12 photos of the protest area "less than an hour after the end of the anti-red media parade" and said that "there is not even one piece of trash, to give an example of what is called quality." The photos indeed show that there were no paper scraps nor garbage to be seen from the massive rally on Ketagalan Boulevard from the Presidential Office Building to the East Gate.

Clean streets after anti-red media rally on Sunday. (PTT photo)

He then posted photos taken on Sunday of garbage left on the streets of Taichung a full day after a Han rally had been held on Saturday (June 22). In addition to the fact that rows of tents had not yet been dismantled, a large number of paper cups, bento lunch boxes, and disposable tableware could be seen strewn about on the ground.

A person who claimed to be a staff member at the anti-red media event commented via PTT, making the following points: "1. Our staff members had a positive result. 2. The high-quality marchers left no garbage behind. I even saw people picking up betel nut dregs with their bare hands."

Chen also praised the scene, saying that the rally participants were very self-disciplined and orderly and did not leave any trash. Chen said that this marked a page in Taiwan's history, "Everyone here today indeed wrote their own history. Once again, the Taiwanese showed the strength of the Taiwanese people."

Piles of garbage seen one day after Han rally. (PTT photo)

Many PTT users were impressed with the display of public morality expressed by the anti-red media protestors:

"Unlike trashy Chinese people."

"Young people are much better than the old Han fans who litter everywhere."

"It's no surprise."

"Some people [Han fans] can't even do basic things."

"Are Han fans going to a picnic or trying to build momentum? Low class."

"This just goes to show which activity is the one that develops toxic tumors in Taiwan."

Trash after Han rally (left), volunteers throwing away garbage after anti-red media event (right). (Photos from Facebook pages 肥肥的躁鬱人生​​​​​​​ and 公民割草行動)