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Taiwanese man abducted in Cambodia, forced to pay ransom for release

Four suspects, including two Chinese nationals, have been arrested for the crime

(Photo from Unsplash user Bill Oxford)

(Photo from Unsplash user Bill Oxford)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – A Taiwanese businessman was abducted in Phnom Penh, Cambodia last week by several attackers who have since been arrested.

The victim, 58-year-old Hung Chung-chuo, was suddenly assaulted, forced into a car, and held against his will while in the Cambodian capital on business.

Hung was abducted on June 18 and was released after paying the men US$20,000. According to reports, the attackers initially demanded US$100,000 from Hung and threatened to kill him and discard his body in a river if he did not pay, reports Khmer Times.

Shortly after the victim was safely released, a report was made to the Cambodian police and four attackers were arrested, although a fifth suspect is still at large.

Two of the arrested men are Chinese citizens, while the other two are Cambodian nationals. The report indicates the fifth suspect is also a Chinese citizen.

Hung Chung-chuo, the general director of a company identified as Pan Well was waylaid by the attackers in the early evening of June 18 after leaving a business meeting, reports Khmer Times.

Police Officer Major Cheng Vutha is quoted in the report:

“While the victim was walking towards his car, which was parked in the building’s parking area, the four men, who were on standby in a hidden place nearby, caught him and pushed him into a Lexus 470 car that was parked near the victim’s car.”

“After pushing the victim into their car, they tied his hand and legs with rope and also sealed his mouth. They took him and held him in their rental house in Chroy Changva commune and extorted money from his family and friends for his release.”

Hung was eventually released the following evening thanks to the assistance of his friend and colleague, Che Li-hsien, the deputy general director of Pan Well.

The four suspects were formally charged with kidnapping and extortion over the weekend.