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Taiwan artist launches 'Kiss Me' exhibition to commemorate deceased mother

Taiwanese artist Attilio Chien launched solo exhibition, “Kiss Me.” (Taiwan News photo)

Taiwanese artist Attilio Chien launched solo exhibition, “Kiss Me.” (Taiwan News photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News)— Taiwan artist Attilio Chien launched a solo exhibition, “Kiss Me”, featuring 30 works in commemoration of his deceased mother. The exhibition runs through June 24 at Taipei's Auction Center Art.

Attilio Chien worked as a creative director in the advertising company, McCann Worldgroup, for 25 years, and then changed the career path to become an artist.

Chien launched the solo exhibition with works of his oil and acrylic paintings, sculptures and installations, including works which won him the most creative prize at New York Art Expo.

Chien said that when he was a little kid, his mother always kissed him on his shaved head and forehead. To him, “kissing” was the way for his mother to show her love and support that encouraged him and gave him strength.

Chien further said that his mother died at the age of 51, and he is 50 years old now, hence Kiss Me” is held to express his love for his mother and the missing of her presence.

In creating the works for “Kiss Me,” Chien’s friends and others who wanted to be painted have become the characters in the works. Additionally, Chien always inquired the story behind a person’s kiss and recorded it with his artist's instinct.

Chien shared that a family came to visit the exhibition, and in mimicking the characters in the the paintings, the family kissed each other for several times while their photos were being taken. Later the mother approached him and felt very grateful that the exhibition had brought the family closer.

As for the next step, Chien said that he will add religious and ritual materials to the upcoming project, and part of the paintings from “Kiss Me” exhibition will be showcased at China, Germany, and France.

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