China among worst human trafficking offenders: 2019 TIP Report

‘If you don't stand up to trafficking, America will stand up to you,’ said Mike Pompeo

Flag of China (AP)

Flag of China (AP)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – China joins a number of countries designated as the worst human trafficking offenders, according to the 2019 Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Report released by the U.S. State Department.

The nations ranked in Tier 3, the lowest level, include China, North Korea, Russia, Venezuela, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Cuba, Brunei, and Pakistan among others.

"Some of these governments allow human traffickers to run rampant, and other governments are human traffickers themselves," CNN quoted Secretary of State Mike Pompeo as saying. The top U.S. diplomat suggests there are as many as 25 million victims suffering from what he calls “one of the most heinous crimes on earth,” said Voice of America.

Despite the lack of significant effort, Beijing has taken some action to address human trafficking issues, for example, by working with international organizations to crack down on forced marriages and the sex trade, reported Voice of America.

To demonstrate its determination to counteract human trafficking, the Trump administration implemented a range of restrictions against Tier 3 countries in the 2018 TIP report, noted Pompeo. Measures include reduced foreign assistance pledged by the U.S., wrote CNN.