Movie-style posters promoting Japanese SMEs well-received

More and more Japanese SMEs now use movie-style posters to promote themselves

(Source: Rakutsu official website)

(Source: Rakutsu official website)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Many Japanese small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are now turning to creative movie-style posters to promote themselves and improve workers’ morale.

According to Kobe News (神戸新聞), the movie-style company poster is the latest trend in Japan. With showy designs and catchy slogans, these advertisements are catching people’s eye.

The posters are produced by a Himeji-based advertising agency called Rakutsu (楽通), which has created them for over 40 Japanese SMEs since 2017.

(Source: Rakutsu official website)

Rakutsu’s director, Tamura Shintaro (田村慎太郎), told Kobe News that he enjoys watching movies and had always had the idea to advertise his clients as though he were promoting a movie. This bold concept was eventually made a reality when a transport company asked him to make a poster to boost the morale of its employees, but without giving any specifications as to what the poster should look like.

Tamura’s work was well-received by the client, who posted it on the internet, and it quickly went viral. More and more SMEs began making inquiries about the posters, and they soon became one of Rakutsu’s major sources of business.

Tamura told Kobe News that he was glad to see that his idea was making such a huge impact and helping SMEs struggling to promote themselves and attract talent. It is now common to see Rakutsu's posters during Shukatsu (Japanese style job-hunting) season on campuses in the Kansai region.