Taiwan's Hualien Harvest Festival to take place July 19 - 21

The theme for this year’s Hualien Harvest Festival is “Alufu,” which refers to a traditional indigenous pouch

(Hualien Indigenous Peoples Department photo)

(Hualien Indigenous Peoples Department photo)

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Hualien County aboriginals’ united harvest festival will take place at Hualien Stadium's Meilun Track and Field (美崙田徑場) from July 19 – 21.

The theme for this year’s Hualien Harvest Festival is “Alufu,” which refers to the pouch traditionally worn across the body by indigenous people while they work, Central News Agency (CNA) reported on Thursday (June 20). The Alufu, which is woven by aboriginal women, is used to hold personal items such as betel nuts, tobacco, and lighters. They are therefore considered suitable as gifts for mothers to give to their children or for women to give to their lovers.

This year’s theme song, “Wearing the Alufu,” was written and composed by members of aboriginal bands and is a brisk, merry tune with a marine mien, CNA reported.

The Hualien Indigenous Peoples Department said performances at Hualien Harvest Festival are exceptional every year, as is the spectacular “dance of a thousand people.” The department invites the public to visit Hualien during summer vacation and participate in the festival.

The address for Meilun Track and Field is No. 40, Minquan Rd., Hualien City (花蓮縣花蓮市民立里民權路40號).

(花蓮縣原住民族聯合豐年節 Facebook video)

(Hualien Indigenous Peoples Department photo)

(2018 Hualien Harvest Festival theme song)